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BTC/USDT Pair: Pending the Culmination

Nov 4, 2019

In the last BTC/USDT pair analysis, we talked about the pennant figure formation. The figure has gained a clearer outline now and is waiting for a breakdown at any time.

Note, that the opening long positions key points are the level of 9,350, and for short ones are at the 9,050 level. But we must remember that this formation is a trend continuation and we are inclined to believe that the Bitcoin price will continue its upward trend further.

Technical analysis indicators are now in a neutral position, so the market’s entering volume will move the price. Based on the latest USDT news, we are inclined to believe that bitcoin’s shortening is now impractical. But the risks must always be remembered: we advise you to place a stop-loss order in any case.

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