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Confident Team Is The Key To Success

Nov 26, 2019

The Cardano project founders have started preparations to test the network, due on November 29th. They are also preparing Shelley release on December 9. The project provides a solid foundation for a future in which cryptocurrencies are becoming the norm rather than niche interest. Improving compatibility and security is planned. And since Cardano has good financial support, investors don’t need to worry that the project will face obstacles due to lack of funds.

The future of the coin and its pricing in the market are in good hands.

If you look at the daily ADA/USDT chart, you can see that the price still hasn’t reached its historical bottom. Panic in the market may push investors to sell and drop the price to the 0.028 – 0.030 level. At this level, there will be strong resistance from buyers, who may want to pick up a coin at the lowest prices.

The RSI indicator hasn’t crossed the oversold level yet and has every chance to do so. Therefore, at these levels, any purchases are dangerous. Don’t forget to use safety orders, as well as trailing when buying on straits.

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