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FUMGO has added Binance DEX

Sep 5, 2019

FUMGO has added a new exchange, Binance DEX. Now FUMGO traders can create a wallet directly on FUMGO and start trading on Binance DEX.

Binance DEX differs from classical crypto exchanges. It does not require users to go through the KYC procedure and create API keys. Moreover, the concept of a decentralized exchange implies complete anonymity for users.

FUMGO magnifies  the list of benefits provided by Binance DEX. Using this exchange on FUMGO, traders can combine the opportunities offered by Binance DEX and FUMGO. FUMGO users can benefit from the features of the exchange as well as from Mirror Trading, alerts, Take Profit, Stop Loss, and other features.

Unlike other terminals, FUMGO does not require access to your private keys. Your funds are deposited and withdrawn on DEX directly through FUMGO. This ensures  a high level of security.

FUMGO makes trading on Binance DEX much easier. You can create your wallet to access the exchange directly on FUMGO. Furthermore, you can trade on Binance DEX via the mobile version of FUMGO.

“Decentralized exchanges are the future of the cryptocurrency market. They open up new opportunities for traders. The successful development of the Binance decentralized exchange shows that traders are interested in this kind of platforms. I hope traders will actively use the broad range of features offered by our terminal for trading at Binance DEX,” says Anton Barteniev, FUMGO’s CVO.

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