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Germany Is Leading Again

Dec 2, 2019

While many countries are still thinking about regulating the crypto industry, some of them are closely engaged in the implementation process. German banks will be able to store bitcoin from 2020. Such events only suggest a positive attitude for the cryptocurrency market future. The approximation from banks will help attract more people to the market, as well as increase confidence in such tools.

Unfortunately, these plans are long-term and don’t affect the current market situation.

Bitcoin has been in a corrective movement after falling below 6600 throughout the past week. Now the market is in the accumulation process, while the Index of fear and greed is approaching the neutrality value.

Also, you can’t ignore the Etherium, which will have to issue more than 3000 transactions per second, after Istanbul update go live. At least Vitalik Buterin hopes for this in Twitter. But the price isn’t in a hurry to conquer ATH. Remember, this release was already postponed and the fork date is still not clear. We monitor the situation.

Now, the Binance exchange continues to delight its users with new features and adds the ability to trade ETH futures with x50 leverage. CZ didn’t hide the joy of this event and wrote on his Twitter that the instrument will be highly liquid with the margin of only 1-2 cents. The launch of such a tool should increase the asset volatility.

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