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It’s Done, Let’s Go Home: Shock Statements From Brad Garlinghouse

Nov 6, 2019

Ripple CEO expressed his opinion: “Only 1% of all crypto is here to stay. That small number of crypto projects will be game-changing and grow significantly in the decades since they will be focused on solving real problems for real customers, but others will disappear”

Such a harsh statement can only testify that Brad Garlinghouse strongly believes in his project. Just imagine Tim Cook (CEO Apple Inc.) will say that only 10 blue chips will remain on the stock market, and all other world giants will go.

Anyway, the XRP/USDT pair price continues its local trend up, but the  78.6% Fibo level is a strong resistance. Where the price has rested repeatedly.

The course follows a good trajectory, but price failures aren’t ruled out in places, as it was on October 23. With a neutral positive news background, in the medium term, the price has a chance to reach the 0.4 USDT level per XRP.

When reduced to the purchase price level, you can set an alert to not miss the rally.

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