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TRX and TRX again

Nov 28, 2019

Recently, Justin Sun announced interesting events for his projects. He believes, it should inflate their value and return TRX to the top 10.

But recently, the coin didn’t show dynamic growth, but completely followed the market in a downward direction, breaking through a strong level of 0.014 USDT per TRX.

But the talent of Tron CEO  and the news about the TRX Market crypto-exchanges Poloniex purchase, which decided to create a decentralized exchange based on the Tron blockchain, launched a downtrend adding to the price about 20%.

Now the coin looks very promising. Indicators show continued growth. It is necessary to pay attention to the MACD indicator, which should cross 0 level, giving a signal to the growth of the entire market.

The support remains on the 0.014 level, while the resistance is 0.018.

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